What I know for sure is that I am a Child of God.  I am His Daughter!  That I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin,  friend, wife, sister-n- law, mother, grandmother, and a woman with a purpose.

I am a wife.  I love to serve my husband.

I am a mother.  I love that God gave me the opportunity to raise four wonderful adults.

I am a daughter.  I was raised my two awesome parents who instilled a lot of wisdom in me.

I love to Serve Others.   To give back to others is why I am here on earth.

I am a M.A.D.  Black Woman.  I Make A Difference every day.

I am a Resource Guru.  Usually, if you want to know some information…..I know how to find it!

I am a Tech Girl.  I love technology!

I am a Social Media Girl.  I know it has a purpose, but it doesn’t have to consume my life.

I am a Bibliophile.  I love books and the knowledge it imparts.

I am a Visionary.  I can see the end from the beginning.

I am a Foodie.  I enjoy food.  I love traveling and trying different cuisines.

I am a Motivator.   I love to motivate people on achieving their dreams.

I am a Trainer.  I love to train others on what I have learned from others.

I am a Grant Writer.  I love to help others find funding.